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Business Seller News - Autumn 2013

Introducing the new managed returns process

Introducing the new managed returns process

From the end of September, we’re introducing a new managed returns process in the UK.returns centre

It’s an easy new way to manage your returns right from My eBay, improving the returns experience for both buyers and sellers. 

We’ve rolled this out in the US with success – sellers have reported increases in sales conversion, lower operational costs and improved feedback ratings. You can familiarise yourself with benefits below.

In order to use the new managed returns process:

  1. You must opt-in
  2. Your items must be less than 10kg in weight 
  3. The package dimensions need to be a maximum of 60 x 50 x 50cm
  4. Your item must be posted to an end destination within the UK
  5. The buyer must have bought the item using PayPal

What you need to do


  • Opt in to the new managed returns process.

  • Review returns information in your listings and returns policy.

  • Make sure your business processes work with the managed returns process. 


How to make sure your listings comply

How the new managed returns process works:

  1. To initiate a return, your buyer simply clicks ‘Return this item’ next to the transaction in My eBay, chooses a reason and prints a return postage label and packing slip. You’re automatically notified.
  2. We either charge the buyer’s PayPal account or add the return postage cost to your next invoice, depending on who you've specified pays for postage in your listing. 
  3. When you receive the item, you simply click a button to issue a refund. Your final value fee for that transaction will show as a credit on your next seller invoice and a portion of your PayPal fees will also be refunded.

There is a wealth of benefits for sellers using the new managed returns process:

  • By offering a clear returns process and policies, sellers have seen up to 9% sales uplift.
  • You may see a reduction in customer service costs as there will be less communication with buyers on returns.
  • A simple one-stop-shop for returns satisfies buyers and could help you receive better feedback ratings.
  • You receive the final value fee in your next invoice and there are no relisting fees when you use the new managed returns process. 
  • You’re protected against abusive buyer behaviour: all returns information is fully recorded, so you can report a buyer if needed.
  • Buyers better understand that the claims process shouldn’t be used to resolve returns problems, meaning less risk of buyer claims for you.
  • Each return has a standard insurance coverage of £50 

In detail, these are the features of the new managed returns process:

  • Buyers can easily print a tracked return label (Collect+),  allowing both you and the buyer to view the parcel’s delivery state. Buyers are linked to Collect+ to see their tracking information. 
  • When a buyer returns an item, eBay will credit you with the final value fee charge and you can re-list free of charge.
  • If you'd like to receive returns at multiple addresses or let buyers keep an item they want to return under certain conditions (such as those below a certain price) with an immediate refund, you can now create automation rules that help simplify the handling process.

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