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Business Seller News - Spring 2013

Changes to the eBay Top-rated seller programme

Changes to the eBay Top-rated seller programme

Today’s buyers want all the good things you find on the high street, combined with a seamless online shopping experience. They expect fast dispatch times, speedy, low-cost postage and straightforward returns options.

Many sellers with eBay Top-rated seller status already work hard to meet these increased expectations by offering great service and the best shopping experiences to their customers. 

To encourage more sellers to meet these new buyer expectations, from autumn 2013 we're changing the eBay Top-rated seller programme. We're doing this by lowering the sales volume needed to become an eBay Top-rated seller at an account level and changing the listing-level requirements needed to receive final value fee discounts, badging and maximum Best Match search visibility. We're rebranding listings that comply with the new requirements as eBay Premium Service listings.  

What you need to do


  • Review the new listing requirements and make any necessary changes to your business processes to help you meet them.


  • eBay Top-rated sellers will receive an additional 5% final value fee reduction when they meet the new listing requirements*. Read more about the promotion.

    *Terms and conditions apply 


  • The new listing requirements apply on eBay.co.uk and eBay.ie. You must comply with these new requirements in order to receive maximum visibility, the eBay Premium Service badge and a final value fee discount on your individual listings.


New listing requirements and the eBay Premium Service badge

To maintain your eBay Top-rated seller status on an account-level, simply carry on providing the great service and good shopping experiences that your customers have come to expect. Your listings will continue to receive increased visibility in Best Match search results.

However, in order to achieve maximum visibility for your listings, discounts on your final value fees, and the new eBay Premium Service badge on your listings, you'll need to provide all of the following services on your individual listings, in addition to meeting the eBay Top-rated seller account-level requirements: 

Important: You don’t have to meet the new requirements for all of your listings, but you’ll only receive the associated benefits and final value fee discounts on listings which do meet the requirements.

You must offer:

  • A minimum returns period of 14 calendar days, using the new way of specifying your returns policy.
  • 1-day or same-day dispatch.
  • An express delivery option – offering delivery within 1 day.
  • A free postage option.
Note: You can meet the postage option requirements either in a single postage option or multiple options. For example, while you must offer an express delivery option and a free postage option, you do not have to offer free express delivery. 

From autumn 2013, your individual listings that meet these new requirements will be eligible for the following benefits: 
  • Maximum visibility in Best Match search results.
  • The new eBay Premium Service badge on the item and search results pages.
  • A 15% discount on final value fees on eBay.co.uk and eBay.ie.

Changes to eBay Top-rated seller account-level requirements

From autumn 2013, the minimum sales value required to qualify for eBay Top-rated seller status at an account level will change from £2,500 to £1,000 for transactions that took in the past 12 months with UK and Irish buyers.

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