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Business Seller News - Spring 2013

Faster resolution of unpaid item cases

Faster resolution of unpaid item cases

From April, we’ll be reducing the required waiting time for a seller to open a case against a buyer who hasn’t paid on eBay.co.uk. It’ll be cut from 4 days to just 2 days, meaning that you receive payment or are able to relist your item sooner. 

This is part of our ongoing efforts to increase seller protection against unfair buyer behaviour on eBay.co.uk. 


How it works

  1. From April, if you don't receive payment for an item, you can open an unpaid item case against the buyer as early as 2 days, or up to 32 days, after the listing has ended.
  2. Once the case is open, the buyer has 4 days to respond constructively or pay. If the buyer doesn’t do either of these things, you can manually close the case as early as 4 days after you opened the case, or up to 36 days after the listing has ended. 
  3. After closing the case, you can receive a refund on the final value fee paid on the original listing. You can then relist and sell the item to another buyer. 
  4. If you don't close the unpaid item case, it expires on the 37th day after the listing has ended, and you won't receive a final value fee credit.

What else we're doing to protect sellers

We want to ensure that out marketplace is safe and fair for both buyers and sellers.
In 2012, we launched a number of initiatives to protect sellers from abusive behaviour including: 
  • Making it easier to report buyers
  • Removal of Feedback on unpaid items
In this Seller News, we're also introducing the following seller protection measures:

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