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Business Seller News - Spring 2014
Image of person holding a tablet
New site experience
A new site experience, helping to attract buyers and transform moments of inspiration into purchases. This includes collections and a modern new look for your eBay Shop.
Image of woman sitting at a till waiting to serve customers
New seller performance requirements
We’re introducing new performance measurements for all sellers, as well as new eBay Top-rated seller requirements. These are designed to recognise excellent customer service and help increase buyer loyalty.
Improved shopping experience
We want our buyers to love shopping on eBay – that’s why we’re creating a more engaging and convenient shopping experience. With improved managed returns, we’re supporting a future where buyers can purchase and return when and how they want.
Image of man with diagram looking at international sales
International selling
Improvements to international selling, including a tracked international postage solution, will help to drive your sales. Our new overview for international sellers gives you insight into the changes happening across our main European markets.