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Changes to fees for Business Sellers

Changes to fees for Business Sellers

*** In March, we announced that we’d introduce a fee for renewing a listing that hasn’t sold within 18 months. This was to improve the shopping experience by removing clutter on the site.   

We’ve listened to your feedback and have decided not to go ahead with this. However, we still encourage you to avoid outdated listings. We’ll keep working towards finding new ways to support you and help your listings succeed. ***

Changes to business seller fees coming on 2 April 2015:

  • Final value fees are changing in all categories. In some categories fees will increase slightly, in others they will decrease.
  • The final value fee discount for sellers who provide eBay Premium Service will go down from 15% to 10%. These sellers will continue to enjoy their increased visibility and Premium Service badge.

Coming from summer 2015, the following changes encourage the removal of outdated listings which improves the shopping experience:

  • Anchor Shop subscriptions will include 50,000 fixed price listings per month instead of unlimited listings. 

What you need to do


  • Get up to speed with changes to fees.

What's changing?

Changes to final value fees (effective 2 April 2015)

We’ve made changes to final value fees in all categories across eBay.co.uk. Here’s a full breakdown of what’s changing.

CategoryCurrent final value feeNEW: Final value fee from 2 April

All collecting categories 
(e.g. Antiques, Coins, Collectables)

7.83% - 9.57%9%

Business, Office & Industrial 
(e.g. Office supplies, Retail & Shopfitting)


Electronics – Devices 
(e.g. Computers, DIY tools, Headphones, Appliances)

(Max. fee £8.70)

(Max. fee £20)

Electronics – Accessories 
(e.g. Camera, Tablet & Phone, Audio & DVD)

(e.g. Clothes, Shoes, Watches)
(Max. fee £43.48 - watches only)
(Max. fee £50 - watches only)
Furniture & Bath 
(e.g. Tables, Beds, Showers)
(Max. fee £34.78)
(Max. fee £40)
Garden & Patio 
(e.g. Lawnmowers, Fencing, Barbecues)
(Max. fee £43.48)
Home – Other 
(e.g. Cookware, Clocks, Rugs)
Holiday & Travel8.7%
(Max. fee £34.78)
(Max. fee £40)
(e.g. Baby, Musical instruments, Sporting goods)
(Max. fee £43.48 - Sporting goods only)
(e.g. Books & Magazines, Music, DVDs, Films & TV)
(Max. fee £13.04)
(Max. fee £15)
Vehicle Parts & Accessories 
(e.g. Motorcycle parts, Car accessories)
Everything Else 
(e.g. Craft, Pet supplies)

eBay Premium Service final value discounts (effective 2 April 2015)

The final value fee discount for sellers who provide eBay Premium Service is being reduced from 15% to 10%. These sellers will continue to enjoy all other benefits including increased visibility and their eBay Premium Service badge.

Anchor Shop listings (coming summer 2015)

Anchor Shop subscriptions will have 50,000 inclusive fixed price listings each month instead of unlimited listings. 

You’ll be able to list more by paying an additional 5p for each listing over your allowance. Alternatively, we’ll be offering an additional Unlimited Listing Pack which can be purchased separately for £250.

Anchor Shop subscribers will still be able to enjoy great benefits including use of our dedicated Customer Service team, free professional listing management tools and Selling Manager Pro, plus discounted international listing rates.

Look out for updates on the outdated listing fee and Anchor Shops listings nearer the time.

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